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PTCLab Jazzcash Easypaisa automatic payment Plugin ONECASHPK

  • 4th Oct, 2022

PTCLab Jazzcash Easypaisa automatic payment Plugin ONECASHPK

If you want to add an automated JazzCash EasyPaisa payment system to your PTCLab script then please follow these steps carefully and add onecashpk automated into your script you don't need to be an experienced web developer to add this API it is easy to integrate I'm going to show you a step by step guide.

You just need a Cpanel for this please open your Public_html or root folder of your domain and follow these steps.

Now go to: /core/app/Http/Controllers/Gateway
Create a new folder with this exact name: OneCash
Now go to: 
Now upload this file: Download & Upload DOWNLOAD FILE

Now unzip download file in this location: /core/app/Http/Controllers/Gateway/OneCash

Now go to: /core/routes/ipn.php

And add this route: Route::post('OneCash', 'OneCash\ProcessController@ipn')->name('OneCash');

Now you need to update the SQL Database of your website open PHPMyAdmin and then open your database and go to gateways and then DOWNLOAD and unzip and update your SQL by just clicking on import and uploading this SQL file.


All done now you just need an ONECASHPK Merchant account you can easily create a merchant account using this link: OneCashPK - Merchant Sign Up

Now you just need to update API keys in your PTCLab admin panel go to gateways' automatic gateways OneCash and copy your API keys from your ONECASHPK Merchant API Keys page and update it here.

If you need any help you can create a support ticket or contact us on this WhatsApp: +573009293376

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