Refund Policy

Please read our complete refund policy before making a deposit or using our services.

API Payment: If you have paid from API or a merchant you can claim a refund within 24 hours of payment the merchant will not have access to those funds for 24 hours if you want to claim a refund please mail us at [email protected] or create support in onecash please keep in mind when you file a refund request merchant will also be notified that you have requested a refund we will hear from both sides and our risk management team will decide to depend upon proofs and situation whoever wins the discussion will get the funds, This type of purchases are non-refundable like you have paid and received the product in the product is non-refundable then you will receive no refunds but if you are a victim of a fraud or scam by any of merchant using onecash we take full responsibility to refund your funds within 24hours but for that, you must file a refund within the time of 24hours after paying or sending funds to anyone.

Purchase of digital goods: If you have directly purchased something from onecash you will have a full refund guarantee within 48hours of purchase but the refund will not be claimed if your transaction is related to the purchase of Digital currency E-Currency or anything that we don't have control over.

If you do not agree with our refund policy please do not perform any action, We have the right to change or update the refund policy anytime.

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